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On the Decline: A discussion by a reclusive member of societyEdit

I remember a time when there was...... achievement.

A time when things weren't fully explained as if we were children, a time when manuals came with the game.

The kind of individual that makes thing like this could be seen as stunted, some one who dosen't take pleasure in reading and going through vast troves of knowledge.

I implore you to not let the decline get you in it's grasp like Kukulkan, and not contribute to this place.

Oh fuck....

A response to reclusive member of societyEdit


Responding to "COD MAN"Edit

No, I haven't tried cod, fish dosent make up much of my diet, though I do love salmon when I've had it at the restaurant.

If you speak of the vile mass produced games by Activision, I think you should check yourself into an asylum.